Appian Solutions

Our Appian Solutions and accelerators come from real-life experiences, they are innovative, efficient and assist in significantly reducing time to market.

AXM Framework
Assessment, Survey and User experience Management Solution
Scalable solution to configure workflow & activities without the need to code

Hyperautomation Solutions (Appian + AI)

Using Appian and AI, we create accelerators and intelligent case management solutions that are predictive, adaptive and assist in providing our customers actionable insights, and deeper intelligence.

NetZero Navigator

Award-Winning Solution for Monitoring, Managing, and Controlling NetZero Goals in Supply Chain Organizations.

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Intelli Manage

An Advanced AI/ML-Powered Case Management Solution for Organizations, Offering Monitoring, Management, and Control of Total Expenditure.

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Aviation Ground Handling

AppianSkyOps optimizes aviation ground handling through Appian's case management capabilities, automating tasks, providing real-time insights, and fostering collaboration. This solution streamlines workflows, enhances efficiency, and ensures compliance, ultimately contributing to smoother and more reliable ground operations.

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Message Analysis and Delay Compensation

iSmart intelligently analyzes incoming emails and seamlessly integrates with aviation systems to efficiently manage delay compensations. This solution streamlines processes, ensuring swift and accurate compensation handling for enhanced operational efficiency.

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